Trump is President of Dumb Meta! Our Super Secret Plan for 2022.


Chunke Monke @ Dumb Meta
5 min readDec 31, 2021


Reading is for losers. Joining us, however, is VERY COOL!

2021 Stats: Discord (1600), /r/DumbMeta (120), Telegram (10).

LOSERS — Below is our 2022… 🚀 🚀🚀 (also see: Master Guide)

🦍 Donald Trump is the 1st President of our Dumb Apes Metaverse (@DumbMeta)! 🇺🇸

He won in an 80% landslide on our Dec. 2021 election.


🐦 GOAL #1 (before 1/20): 1M followers @DumbApeTrump. (Today: 600...)

🐶 GOAL #2 (before 6/9): 10M hodlers. Bigger than SHIB! (Today, DUMB token = ~100. SHIB token = 1M…)

💰 GOAL #3 (before 12/31): 1T market cap (US dollars). Bigger than Facebook (Meta)! (Today, DUMB = $0, … our Instagram was banned yesterday… in Chinese. 🥲)

Think our goals are impossible? Here’s our secret (DON’T TELL ANYONE): It is actually IMPOSSIBLE for us to lose in 2022.

🏆 Beauty of Trump: Victory. 100% guaranteed. 🚀

“We are going to win so much, you’re going to be tired of winning!”

FACTS #1: Team… You are screwed. So far, we’ve attracted 30 people to “join” our “team”.* Why? Partly, the “promise” of Apenomics, an untested reward structure. In 2022, we plan to get 100s more involved…

*Only 3–6 people are actively contributing, right now.

FACTS #2: Fans… You are screwed. So far, we’ve attempted 2 airdrops (10,000+ signups). Both failed. In 2022, we plan to do 100+ airdrops & giveaways. It’s not going to be pretty…

FACTS #3: Everyone… You are screwed. So far, we’ve managed to anger no one. But not for long. In 2022, DumbApeTrump will start tweeting! His goal is ruin your day and he has no mercy.

Needless to say, our chances of growing to even $200M (1% of SHIB) in 2022 is not hot. After all, we are not friends with Vitalik, like SHIB — who can “spontaneously” gather 1000s of talented rich people.

… But you know who we do have? President Donald Trump.

Our dear leader @DumbApeTrump will do whatever and blame whoever the hell he wants.

EXCUSE #1: Team… It’s all YOUR FAULT. You think Trump exploits his team with no pay and false promises? WRONG! You are a traitor, and probably a Shiba.

EXCUSE #2: Fans… It’s all FAKE NEWS. You think Trump’s promises of airdrops are lies? WRONG! Don’t believe the Shiberal Media.

EXCUSE #3: Everyone… We got the BEST APES. You think Trump hates you? WRONG! We love you ! Support us, NOT Sleepy Shib Biden.

photo credit: @langkan24

“Promises Made, Promises Kept”

OK, let’s wrap things up. We want 2022 to be fun above all else. Why?

TRUTH #1: We want team to see massive rewards. Reality is, I, Chunke, is poorboi (life missteps…) and can’t predict future. Super optimistic tho. I (ex-Facebook 😎) spends great deal of time mentoring the most loyal (4–6) apes with real promises they will be better off.

TRUTH #2: We want fans to see big airdrops. But reality is, airdrops will likely take months to deliver. We are long-term focused — we will build, scale, and airdrop to all apes. 100% of airdrops are lies, but not us.

… We will also write fake tweets (“too good to be true”) 😉 to teach lessons. Remember — do NOT retweet scams.

TRUTH #3: We want society to be healthy again. But reality is, social media and society are one. Social media is crap — so society is also crap.


When did it become okay for rich people to play victim? For people become so easily offended and power-hungry? Looking at you, Silicon Valley…

Ultimately, our thesis is this: So many people are inept and can’t help, but be triggered by a jab from @DumbApeTrump, despite clearly being a joke. They will be angry for a few hours, but will see the truth… Dumb Apes = #1 Best Token, #1 Best Community. 😎

Together, we will make Apes strong again. Apes wealthy again. Apes proud again. Together we will MAKE APES GREAT AGAIN! — Pres. Dumb Ape Trump.



Chunke Monke Musk

“Who controls the memes, control the Universe” — Dumb Apes Musk
  • ** I, Chunke, do not like conflict or upsetting, so he may apologize sometimes on Trump’s behalf.
  • ** Will being a parody absolve of us everything? Probably not. “We” (Chunke) may be cancelled for being chief “enabler”.
  • ** STABLE GENIUSES APPLY HERE: Want to tweet for Trump? Or make videos / reddit posts / stream / etc.? Or just help us with your other talents? Email or DM me. Contact & team info here.
  • SHIB = 3M+ followers total… [2.4M +172K + 457K + 73K +126K]

“Every third person in the world is a drama queen. And crying ‘victim,’ especially when you’re not really a victim in any real way, feels good. It feels good to cry victim if you’re not one.” — John McWhorter