“The most dumb outcome is the most likely” — Elon Musk, Jan-7–2021 (Twitter)

ALL HAIL THE APE. (Our secret 1-trillion year Meta master plan.)

Imagine a Meta-Economy…

Chunke Monke @ Dumb Meta
7 min readNov 15, 2021


UPDATE: #APES2022 Master Guide| Reddit. Right now, we are in meme phase (“Meme to Meta”) with @DumbApeTrump.

DON’T TELL ANYBODY. This is a secret plan between you, Elon, and me.

Questions? Ask on /r/DumbMeta, @DumbMeta, or Discord. We are open to all questions, suggestions, feedback and criticisms 🙂.

Hi! Chunke Monke Musk here. (But you can call me Chunke.) Who I am is not important. You see, I worked at Facebook. But now I am just poor boi with failed startups 😢. Just a dumb ape… Which is perfect. Cause this chunky monkey has integrity — he has daring and happy vision!

Imagine a magical century… where crypto truly is for the people.

  1. Universal Basic Income (UBI). The outside world may be cruel, but in our economy, everyone is a billionaire because of UBI. 100% free.
  2. Dreams come true. Missed Bitcoin at $1? You will get a second chance.
  3. Dumb Apes Live in Harmony. WSB, MILF, LGBTQ? Nice to meet u 😎
  4. Meta We Love. In Pali, Metta means “loving-kindness”. A “metta” meta-verse is the one we deserve. No VC money, no shareholders.

Sounds stupid? Impossible? We don’t care. Treat us as a meme. But we will show ourselves to be much greater with time. We will win. Let’s go.

The 1-trillion year Meta-Economy.

Our coin’s max possible supply is big. VERY big. It’s 10⁷⁷. This is impossibly big. Why? I, Chunke Monke, am dumb enough to believe $dumb can outlive humanity, if we don’t screw it up. So we need some rules.

“$DUMB Apes? What absolute legends!”

Android lads 🤖, Year 1 Trillion

Rule 1 — We welcome all apes — treat like loving socialists.

Machines will replace humans in the coming decades. This is why UBI is necessary — even well before then. For now, contributors will receive an honest day’s worth of $DUMB. If and before that time comes, we will drop tokens to our early supporters who made this all possible. Thank you for your belief in us.

Rule 2 — We admire skilled apes — reward like good capitalist.

We compensate talents who do truly stellar work. But the world is cruel — so we want to reward good efforts too. We will have bounties and tasks. But be creative in helping us (without our permission too). Your efforts will be rewards later on.

Rule 3 — We respect odd apes — provide freedom like nice family.

We understand all apes carry different values, but a key principle we will always maintain is censorship-resistance. Yes, there are a lot of bad ideas and misinformation is rampant. But in the grand arch of history (trillions of years…), the optimal choices should prevail. So long as we don’t silence anyone in the process. For now, feel free to openly meme, make dick jokes, and question our approach.

Not all apes will like our monetary experiment. — We know.

Rest assure, Dumb Bitcoin ($DBTC) will be free, with a supply of 21 million. As my ex-Zucks know, I’m open-minded, passionate, and active in econ/finance talks. We will adjust for the times. But we also need to see through successes and failures first. Ok this was all super serious, so here’s a pic of a moon ape!

AWW YEAA!! This will be a fun time. It’s an opportunity to be part of something huge. Bigger than all us dumb apes.

We don’t plan to be lucky and focus on the short-term. We plan to be thoughtful, knowing our strategy will work out in the long-run…

… But who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️Maybe we moon like SHIB in Year 1.😁

JOIN THE $DUMB ECONOMIC MIRACLE, BOYOS! 🌓 We apes will reach for the banana and land among the stars. 🌃

[Phase 1] Operation Shill: “Scale fast, drop tokens.”

The first years (2022+) will be wild. If all goes well, we will perform 100K+ airdrops with trillions of tokens. We will get listed on good exchanges and have lots of volume. We pretend we just a meme token to attract apes. This will all be tough with LOTS of mistakes.

1) We’re not so robust. Our processes need automation.

People will say “where my $DUMB for airdrop / shilling / breakthrough??” We will say “pls wait!!!” Our #1 priority is to attract good people. Then we can processize, decentralize, and automate. After this, our network effect will really take off. Pls give us time. Pls contribute. 🙏

2) We’re not so lucky. We not vB friend, like Ryoshi (SHIB).

But we too will burn to Vitalik’s wallet. How many? 1 SEXTILLION! Our current supply is 6.9 sextillion — this is to last us for a LONG time. Pls don’t sell, vB 🙏. Think of us and our future cyborg children.😭 Here’s our Proof-of-vB transfer: 1 Sextillion (POBS).

Christmas Update!: Transaction Link.

3) Many will say “Chunke bad”. No, Chunke honest.

We expect a lot of inflation. Apes will see their tokens devalued — apes will feel sad and hurt. Trust us, we WILL make things right, for supporters. We will try to do end-of-year airdrops, and more. $DUMB will be volatile, it’s okay. It will be an awesome ride. 🚀

Phase 2 and 3??? To be continued…

We will not detail phase 2 and 3 yet. We know how fast things change and spoilers are no fun 😉. That said, we will share a few words.

For phase 2 to begin we hope to partner with major crypto exchanges first. This way, we can get proof-of-humanity addresses. It is only then, can we plan and execute on our $DUMB (Dumb Ape) UBI. It is likely then, that we start distributing $DBTC (Dumb Bitcoin).

For phrase 3 — We expect to receive a lot of attacks. From Bitcoin maximalists, meme coin holders, and Zuck’s army. We expect FUD, dox, and threats. It’ll all be okay.

“The harder we work, the luckier we dumb apes get.” — Thomas Jefferson

The Future of Meta—Why $DUMB?

Our “dumb” name may change, but our mission will still be this: To provide digital UBI and host a Meta Mainnet. Here’s why.

Right now, very few apes take the Meta-verse seriously. But they should. There will be a day when businesses require VR headsets to work from home (WFH). If you, friends, and colleagues wear VR headset during work — Why not wear all day?

We’ve seen CEOs take dangerous positions on human rights and we’ve seen unreal despicableness from the Facebook Files. Even before Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook was known for its “like” bait-and-switch. We’re sure Zuck thinks he’s loving; this is the irony. No one person should wield such power. All major social platforms maximize attention at the exploit and detriment to our long-term health. We can’t risk having profit-maximizers oversee the Meta. We need a “Metta” Meta.

Ultimately, the Meta-verse will not belong to a company with shareholders to appease. It can’t. Certainly not large VC-backed crypto too, like Solana (50–75% insider owned). The ideal governance model will look like a mix of democracy and DAO, we suspect. But who knows. When $DUMB mainnet has millions of active users, it will be community-driven.

In the meantime, Vitalik, Elon, Obama — pls pump $DUMB 🙏. We want attract devs and be listed on major exchanges ASAP.

We will support talented devs with $DUMB. And we will have big prizes for those who can create great alternatives to Metas from Big Tech without VC money (or meet strict criteria). Again, all community-decided. Chunke Monke will probably be long gone by then. No one said this would be easy.

This all sounds dumb (fascinating)!… What‘s next?

So here we are. We plan to distribute our first $DUMB throughout December 2021. Hopefully, just in time before Christmas and New Year!

We have an email list, a Twitter, a Reddit, and Discord. Come say hi. Watch it grow.

To wrap up — I, Chunke, own 1 sextillion $DUMB myself. But I will probably still be poor boi for a long time. (I’ll explain on Reddit, though feel free to DM me or critique on Reddit or Discord.) That is, unless I receive support. Buy our NFTs (Dumb CryptoPunks) when it comes out! It should be super fun. And if punks sell out, Chunke won’t need to worry about money for a long time.😭🚀

We still have a lot of details to figure out. Join us. All revolutions seem tiny. But little by little, it booms. A meta-economy borne from the ashes.

Apes — together strong. 🙌