“The most dumb outcome is the most likely” — Elon Musk, Jan-7–2021 (Twitter)

ALL HAIL THE APE. (Our secret 1-trillion year Meta master plan.)

Imagine a Meta-Economy…

Imagine a magical century… where crypto truly is for the people.

  1. Universal Basic Income (UBI). The outside world may be cruel, but in our economy, everyone is a billionaire because of UBI. 100% free.
  2. Dreams come true. Missed Bitcoin at $1? You will get a second chance.
  3. Dumb Apes Live in Harmony. WSB, MILF, LGBTQ? Nice to meet u 😎
  4. Meta We Love. In Pali, Metta means “loving-kindness”. A “metta” meta-verse is the one we deserve. No VC money, no shareholders.

The 1-trillion year Meta-Economy.

Rule 1 — We welcome all apes — treat like loving socialists.

Rule 2 — We admire skilled apes — reward like good capitalist.

Rule 3 — We respect odd apes — provide freedom like nice family.

Not all apes will like our monetary experiment. — We know.

… But who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️Maybe we moon like SHIB in Year 1.😁

[Phase 1] Operation Shill: “Scale fast, drop tokens.”

1) We’re not so robust. Our processes need automation.

2) We’re not so lucky. We not vB friend, like Ryoshi (SHIB).

3) Many will say “Chunke bad”. No, Chunke honest.

Phase 2 and 3??? To be continued…

The Future of Meta—Why $DUMB?

This all sounds dumb (fascinating)!… What‘s next?



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