100% of Twitter airdrops lies. Here’s how I know.

Chunke Monke @ Dumb Meta
3 min readDec 28, 2021

Crypto Twitter — You are 1000% wasting your time. At least those needs to know. All the airdrop retweet campaigns you see are lies.

STOP filling out airdrop forms. I can promise you... You will never get anything. (The 1% [me] painstakingly try to do people right). — Chunke

I wouldn’t care if it was 1–2 people doing this (always tagging me in them), but (1) there are 100K+ people wasting precious years of their life (2000+ retweets) (2) they are often promoting what are clearly scams.

This may sound crazy, but I’ve spoken and polled my audience & team. 50% are Nigeria-based, where average income is ~42,000 NGN (~$100). So many are just trying to hit a jackpot. It won’t happen.

How do you know airdrops are fake?

Twitter airdrops almost use Google Forms universally, because those tweets get a viral boost. (Forms on your website will likely not spread much.)

I’ve done 2 Twitter airdrops (1, 2). Both times, I failed.

Here are the problems:

  1. Twitter has a bot problem and Google Forms has no anti-bot measures. I had to find this out the hard way on my 1st airdrop, when we got 6K form responses with only 85 new Twitter followers.
  2. Bots are not “stupid”. They are human controlled. On my 2nd airdrop, I was sure we fixed it. Nope, after 2 hours, bots figured out the right answer.
  3. Twitter makes it impossible. At the most, you can only see the last 100 retweets using Twitter’s API.

Trust me, I tried getting creative and searched online for solutions to this Twitter giveaway problem. No one’s figured it out. If you have, PLEASE let us know on Twitter, Email, Reddit, or Discord.

OK So — How are we solving this?

How to verify users for airdrops.

  1. Email (human) verification at scale.

On the Google Forms, we ask for emails. We’re going to start using email marketing tools to (1) track opens (2) see if they can complete a hCaptcha in a link provided in the email. Every 2 weeks, we would send them those humans instructions to redeem their airdrops. Of course, this may not be perfect, but it’s pretty good all things considered.

This should be ready by Q2'2022. (But who knows.)

2. Set low (joke) expectations.

We’re making Dumb Ape Trump the president of our Dumb Meta. If Trump fails to give airdrops and people call us liars for not for months (problems always crop up) — Who cares? What do you expect — Trump to always tell the truth? :)

This may sound like an overt shill, but this was a major story point for our project — a creative way to lie (not actually give airdrops).

Again, our goal is to always honor what we say, but in crypto land this is especially hard and will take time and testing. But that’s how we’re trying.


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